General Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to all courses.


  1. Payment of fees Before the beginning of your course, Alingua Geneva will provide a payment slip and/or an invoice.
  2. The terms of payment indicated in the General Conditions are binding.
  3. Timely payment of fees authorises participation in the course.
  4. Confirmation of registration Payment of the invoice confirms your course registration for the duration of the session, except in accordance with disclaimers mentioned in these terms and conditions.
  5. Organization of courses For organizational reasons, we reserve the right to suspend classes or group classes, or reduce the duration of a course through a proportional refund of the registration fee.
  6. In case of absence of an instructor, the school’s principal may provide a replacement teacher or appointment a deputy.
  7. Number of participants and course delivery To ensure smooth running of our courses, we set for each of them, a minimum number (4) and a maximum (6) participants.
  8. Places will be allocated in the order of arrival of entries (subject to the payment of all fees and administrative requirements-within 5 working days).
  9. Generally, if the number of participants is insufficient, the course will not take place and fees are reimbursed.
  10. In case of reduced staff, it can happen that a course will still take place, subject to higher fees and the consent of the participants.
  11. Course fees Prices are listed on the registration form.
  12. The fees are based on a 10-session module and are payable before the beginning of each session (10 classes), depending on the dates indicated on the invoice.
  13. Exclusion from a course Alingua Geneva management reserves the right to exclude one or more participants of a course stating the reasons.
  14. In case of exclusion, the registration fee will be refunded pro rata based on the number of lessons followed.
  15. Disclaimers Any withdrawal involves paperwork. Depending on the date of cancellation, we will agree to a total or partial reimbursement of registration fees.
  16. Absences are not recoverable. No refund of fees due to missed sessions is possible.
  17. Insurance Regarding all courses organized by Alingua Geneva, we are not responsible for any damages you might incur during any of our courses, on or off-site.
  18. Alingua Geneva cannot be held responsible for theft or loss that may occur during a course.
  19. Force majeure The obligations of all parties shall be suspended in cases of force majeure usually recognized by the courts such as fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, labour disputes, riots, war, military operations of any kind, war declared or undeclared etc.
  20. Program changes and price The management reserves the right to change programs, prices and terms and conditions.
  21. Jurisdiction All legal relations with Alingua Geneva are subject to the Swiss code of law. The court of jurisdiction is Geneva.